Ypsickrock Festival is a small but referenced boutique indie-rock festival in Italy since 1997. On their 26th edition I was contacted by the festival crew to create the main illustration of the festival, who was incorporated in all the graphic resources and social media content.


I was mostly inspired by the festival vibe, described as “the universal love for music” or also like a “shared dream”. Mixing surreal ideas with natural elements. My first step was inspired by the “Serpotta’s brothers work (very kwowned Italian architects, who has part of their work in Castelbuono, the Ypsigrock town) working with simetrical elements trying to connect with the “shared dream” concept, expressing a surreal experience about love, life and joyfulness. Coming from the bottom of the planet, passing through the dead, nature and coming till the top of the main church of Castelbuono (the Matrice Vecchia) and the universe.